3D Decors

Seems impossible to obtain an exclusive character of a product using very economical means? The designers of yachts know how to do it. We deliver 3D decors to the manufacturers of the most exclusive boats.

How to do it?

3D Decor has rich design possibilities, it can imitate any species of timber, structure of metal or, for instance, stone. 3D Decor is produced according to specific designs, therefore its shape ideally matches and harmonises with the product. The coverage with crystalline polyurethane brings out the depth of colours, sharpens the structure and creates the sense of luxury desired so much by the client.

The high quality polyurethane filters UV radiation, is resistant to humidity, salty water, thinners and most chemical substances. An equally important element is the glue layer, which facilitates easy application. 3D Decor must permanently adhere to the surface. In this regard, we have many years of experience and a wide range of glues.