3D inscriptions and signs

The technique of coating the stickers with crystalline polyurethane gives exceptional effects particularly when the shape of a sticker is the contour of a sign, inscription or single letters. The 3D signs are desirable wherever the aesthetics and pattern of the product is of key significance.

They are particularly appreciated by manufacturers of cars, boats, yachts, household equipment, tourist equipment and garden equipment. They give a strong suggestion of exclusivity – therefore the 3D signs are applied as exceptional decorative elements on displays and at retail outlets.

If you are anxious for a reasonable price, and at the same time you want to obtain the outstanding effect – choose the 3D marking technique. Our clients appreciate the fact that performance of a sign in this technique does not require great costs of tooling, which they had been forced to bear before, as they had been using pressed or cast emblems.

The 3D signs serve the purpose of triggering a suggestive impression of exclusivity. Therefore, they are applied as exceptional decorative elements in the exhibition systems and at retail outlets.

We may offer this particularly attractive type of 3D stickers only owing to the very high technological culture and uncompromising quality policy.