Non-removable and removable stickers

The non-removable stickers are made of material which is torn at any attempt of its removal, making it impossible to stick the sticker again. The foil allows the attempts at product manipulation to be identified immediately, even on surfaces with low surface energy. The soft foil which easily adjusts itself to the shape of surface is characterised by good tolerance of long-lasting impact of atmospheric conditions. This type of seals is intended for protection of the electronic equipment, they serve as stickers with identification numbers as well as labels for marking fixed assets.

Removable labels - labels intended for sticking on various types of surfaces while maintaining the long-lasting easiness in their removal. Owing to this, they are a good information carrier, for instance, for placement on monitors, displays and household equipment. An easily removable sticker is an indispensable tool in periodical promotions and advertising campaigns.


  • print in full colour + glossy gold and silver,
  • individual shape
  • numeration
  • barcode